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a sheriff's deputy allegedly shot and killed a man while
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serving a peace order. this happened after 63rd avenue in riverdale. erica gone gonzalez. >> a 39-year-old man is dead. prince georges county sheriff's deputy showed up to this house about 7:30 tonight to serve up a peace order. it's for people that aren't related. a woman answered the door, let the deputy in the home and then a man came out from another room with gun in hand. the deputy fired his weapon shooting and ultimately killing the man. neighbors are buzzing about this neighborhood trying to piece together what happened here tonight. >> you might not have dinner with them. but you're watching them and they're watching us. when you see tape in front much their house, your heart stops. i got cold chills when i came outside. i'm told that the sheriff's deputy is a tenured officer and
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is now on administrative leave. live in riverdale tonight. erika gonzalez news 4. testimony begins on the 9/11 attack in benghazi. tonight lawmakers are asking questions about the david petraeus affair. jim rosen feld has the latest on the investigation. jim? >> a big couple of days on the hill. david petraeus will testify voluntarily on the consulate attacks coming up on friday, telling a former colleague it's "the right thing to do." as for the e-mail scannel scandal that led to his downfall -- dinner tonight for some in the media was actually on paula broadwell's brother. >> pizza on the menu in mt. pleasant tonight where general david petraeus' former mistress seen inside remains holed up tonight.
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they've suspended her security clearance but her brother is feeling generous. treating the media camped outside his home to dinner. also stripped of unfettered access she once enjoyed at mack dill air force, the anonymous e-mail warnings to stop socializing with generals including david petraeus. officials say an e-mail from broadwell to petraeus' successor, general john allen triggered the investigation. general allen apparently forwarding to kelley last may what he thought was a joke e-mail from an account called kelley patrol. sources close to kelley say it warned the general to stay away from her, that she would ruin him. kelley then went to the fbi. thousands of e-mails between general allen and the married socially a son kelley are said to be under scrutiny with enough inappropriate language to warrant an inspector general investigation. after ordering that probe just
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days ago, leon panetta cautioned against a rush to judgment today. >> no one should leap to conclusions. he has my continued cough dennf to lead our forces. >> general allen intends to fully cooperate with the investigation and shares in the desire to resolve any questions as completely and quickly as possible. also new tonight, the fbi agent jill kelley first brought the e-mails to identified and confirmed as veteran agent frederick humphries, ii. humphries took his concerns about the pace of the investigation eventually to house majority leader eric cantor. live on capitol hill, jim rosenfield, back to you. thanks, jim. president obama says he's seen no indication that national security has been compromised. he addressed the petraeus scandal for the first time at a white house news conference. the president also went out of
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his way to praise petraeus and said this country is safer because of the work that he has done. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had negative impact on our national security. >> democrats and republicans must work together on the impending fiscal cliff. that did not stop him from criticizing the right wing for vowing to block an attempt to -- that did not stop him from criticizing some republicans attempt to stop him from making u.n. ambassador susan rice the next secretary of state. in the meantime, rice attended a u.n. security council meeting tonight on the recent violence in the gaza strip. she said president obama called benjamin netanyahu and reiterated his support for israel's right to defend itself. but she said the united states
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is urging israel to make efforts to avoid civilian casualties. it happened after an israeli air strike killed an hamas leader zufrnlt a woman can't walk after a medical mistake. she claims a doctor left something in her foot after surgery. shamari stone has the story. >> this woman scoots around her house in rockville tonight. >> this experience has to be the most painful i've ever had. >> she says nine months ago a doctor at the medical center operated on her foot to remove a bunion but left something behind. >> all i wanted him to do was take off my bunion and when i came out of surgery, i was in excruciating pain. >> her foot was red, swollen, she had no clue a broken drill bit was inside it. >> i kept telling him after surgery that it hurt. this is not a normal pain.
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>> she tried to go back to a normal life but couldn't. she went back to the hospital a week later and claims the doctor did not do an x-ray. he sent her home. three months later still in pain, she went back to the hospital. a second doctor ordered an x-ray and found the drill bit. >> i was scared to death because i knew this was in my foot for three months. >> the new doctor removed the metal and the bunion. elise plans to sue the doctor and the medical center for malpractice. she hasn't worked in nine months. >> they've been ignoring me and haven't returned any phone calls. >> she previously made headlines after being in a legal battle over her pet monkey which she eventually won. >> the med center is looking into the claims and they plan to get back to us tomorrow. i'm shamari stone, news 4. tonight a search is under way for a man who shot a store manager during a robbery. it happened at a walmart store.
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it happened about 4:00 this morning in laurel off route 98 in the bw parkway. the gunman shot the store manager after he followed him into the parking lot. that manager is expected to survive. the store reopened a few hours after the shooting. no word on how much or whether any money was taken by the robber. tomorrow the defense is expected to wrap up its case in the trial of a student at buoy state university. that student was murdered after a dispute over loud music. jurors saw graphic cell phone video of the moments after dominique frazier was stabbed to death. it happened in september of 2011. the defense says alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and that the stabbing was accidental. the women had argued before simpson claims she asked to have her room changed two weeks before that deadly fight. >> there are new concerns over the popular 5-hour energy drink. the food and drug administration is investigating whether it's a
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factor in 13 deaths over the past four years. 5-hour energy has been the subject of 100 complaints since 2009. the food and drug administration is still not sure if the drink actually caused any of the deaths or injuries. the maker of 5-hour energy says the product is safe when used properly. the owner of a pharmacy blamed in a deadly meningitis outbreak will face lawmakers tomorrow. barry cadden invoked the fifth amendment and refused to testify today. a senate hearing will investigate the outbreak that has killed 32 people so far. lawmakers are upset that the fda didn't act despite several complaints against the company over the past decade. >> cold out there tonight. colder in some places than others, huh, doug? >> it is really cold. we're starting to see clouds move in. but already down to 38 degrees in washington. 25 right now in elkins, west
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virginia. 30 in pittsburgh and the numbers will continue to go down through the early morning tomorrow. one again, we'll be looking at a possible coastal storm. much more on the numbers as far as the tempetures go overnight tonight and we'll talk about that coastal storm and let you know what effects it could have as we move toward the all important holiday week next week for thanksgiving. we'll talk about that in a minute. >> investigators want to know if a teenager accused in two high-profile murder may be involved in other crimes. 17-year-old joshua nevin is charged with killing a woman in waldorf, shooting and wounding her husband and killing a taxi driver in d.c. investigators are still searching for a motive. but police say the suspect lived a few blocks away from the crime scene in maryland. >> i just think it's appalling that somebody went out for a walk with their dog and their husband and they died. she was lovely. she was a wonderful lady. >> several days after that attack in waldorf, the suspect met a 17-year-old girl from
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baltimore county online. court documents revealed the two were together when nevin killed the cab driver in northeast d.c. last week. a former store clerk has been inkidicted in the death of child. pedro hernandez has been charged with murder and kidnapping. hernandez told them that he lured etan from the store, strangled him and put his body in the trash. etan disappeared in manhattan in 1979 on the first day that his parents allowed him to walk to school to the school bus stop by himself. defense lawyers say hernandez is mentally ill and a trial will not solve the mystery of what happened to etan. still ahead, an suv slams into a car waiting at a red light. you might be surprised to find out who was behind the wheel. paying the price for a quicker commute, we'll tell you how much more you'll have to pay
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to travel through parts of northern virginia. something that's never been
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an nba cheerleader is recovering after falling on her head during a performance. it happened last night during the magic/knicks game. her name is jamie wood. video shows her slipping dung a stunt. it took medical professional several minutes to stabilize her
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and get her on a stretcher. she suffered a broken rib and three vertebra fracture. schiele make a full recovery. in massachusetts, a doctor is facing dui charges after a dramatic crash. video from a traffic camera shows the woman speeding through a store parking lot. she crashed her suv into a car that was stopped at a -- wow, at a red light. the victim we presume in that car spent a few days in the hospital with cracked ribs. a loudoun county sheriff's detective on the wrong side of the law. he's been charged with dwi after hitting two parked cars over the weekend. investigators are not releasing the man's name because he's an undercover member of the sheriff's department. he's a ten-year veteran. he remains on paid leave. going to be a high price on a dulles toll road come the new year. airports authority voted today to raise the cost for the next
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two years beginning on january 1st. the toll at the main plaza will go up 50 cents to $2.75. then the year after that, the main toll had rise again to $3.50. most of that money will be used to help pay for the silver line metro rail extension to dulles airport. we now have a clearer picture of how the passage of question 7 will impact maryland's newest casino. maryland live plans to add 125 tables for blackjack and roulette. that will bring 1200 new dealer jobs to the casino. only slots and electronic games were allowed before the gambling expansion passed. they expect all of the new games to be in place by early spring. >> george washington university has lost its coveted high ranking as one of the top universities in the country. u.s. news and world report claims they inflated the standings of the incoming students by 20 percentage
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points. the magazine removed the school from its ranking as number 51 on the list. university will have an unranked status until the 2014 best college publication is released. the president of gw says he regrets the error and they're taking measures to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> doug is here with more about the cold weather that seems to be with us for a while, huh? >> it is really chilly out there. temperatures dropped a little faster than i thought they would tonight. clear skies for the most part. we're starting to see clouds move in. that should help to destabilize temperatures. it is a cold night. beginning to feel like christmas, isn't it? >> i know. you have to say this. this is the christmas tree that will actually be at rockefeller center. they cut this tree down in mt. olive new jersey. it was hit by sandy but not affected. it was not damaged. it was put up today. it was an 80-feet tree. it weighs 20,000 pounds. that lightning ceremony by the
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way will be on november 28th. they had to put it up today. but it will be a while before they light the tree. out towards our area, what are we seeing in cold conditions. high temperature today only 49 degrees. after a low this morning of 36. we're not far away from 36 right now. the last ten of 14 days have been below average. it has been a cold november so far. i think we're going to continue on that cold trend. 38 degrees the current number. dew point is 29. we can go down a few more degrees with wind out of the north at 6 miles an hour. that puts our windchill around 33, 34. look at the current numbers. already at 11:00, 28 in frederick, 28 in manassas. temperatures will fall a little more tonight but not a whole lot more. the radar not showing rain. look at the krocloud cover. the storm system developing to
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help to bring us these clouds. we can expect temperatures to drop maybe 2 or 3 more degrees. that's approximate it. i don't think we'll go too far down. that doesn't matter. it's still cold right now. that cold air is going to stick around tomorrow during the day. we'll call it cool. i think we'll see more clouds tomorrow than today. mostly cloudy across our region. cool temperatures with a high of only around 50 degrees again. that's about 10 degrees below average. on friday, with more sunshine rs we stay on the cool side, but only about 5 degrees below achblg. sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s. that's a pretty nice day. better forecast coming in on saturday. i want to show you the next coastal storm. we have our trough of low pressure across the great lakes. that's were we're so cold here. develop off the coast this weekend, sunday into monday, a slight chance of wind and rain. right now, i think it will be mostly out to sea. i think that's a very good thing.
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we do not want another coastal storm coming up the east coast. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, chilly. coats again. 27 to 36 degrees tomorrow afternoon and the next couple of days. highs only in the low 50s. 50 degrees for tomorrow, 54 on your friday. a little more sun on friday and a lot of sun on saturday. especially early. high temperature on saturday around 56 degrees. a i nice day to get out and about. sunday, looking dry. good news for the redskins game as we take on the eagles at home. 52 on sunday. 52 on monday. that's the best chance for some rain from that coastal storm. yesterday, i had it in sunday, monday and part of tuesday. now we just have it in on monday. good news. we are talking about the other storms. they came up the coast. this one, i don't think will. once again, we'd rather not. >> good news for our weekend. >> thanks, doug. sports up next. wizards making an interesting ru
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so tell me it's not 0-now. what would it be? >> 0-13. >> stop. that's not fair. >> you're right. >> do i talk about your weather like that in. >> you're going to claim their losing streak? >> but, yeah. it doesn't look good. it was a much better effort by the wizards tonight. down by as many as 22 to the mavericks. but they did battle back to make it a three-point game in the winning seconds. that would be as close as they get. another loss as the wizards remain the only winless team in the nba. this can't be easy on anybody, including the head coach randy wittman. picking it up in the second quarter. webster turns it over. krauter on the other end for the easy dunk. the wizards down by 18 at the break. late third quarter, wizards making a run.
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jordan crawford for three. jordan had 21 off the bench for the wiz. they came back from 22 down. fourth quarter, wizards down by six. get the ball to the always dangerous cartier martin. he had 14 points all in the fourth quarter. it's a ball game. play defense now. >> uh-oh. come on, guys. >> three-point game. you give it up like that. 107-101 was the final. >> we fought. just learning process. we can't get down like we did. tonight we did fight back. >> all right. down a level. georgetown hosting liberty. the hoyas without their star sophomore recovering from a concussion. starks shoots, misses, but no fear. greg witting ton is there for the putback.
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wittington with a career high 18 points. otto is loving it. wittington x looking like magic johnson dish to lube i can. the hoyas up by 15. georgetown up by 20 in the second half. steven domingo to smith. rivera, georgetown, wins it. 68-59 the final. they're now 2-0 on the season. redskins cornerback, deangelo hall getting fined $30,000 for his verbal spat with an official during the steelers game. now, he won't be suspended. the secondary preparing to face an unknown commodity in nick foles this weekend. michael vick likely out with a concussion. the skins ready for foals who has thrown 32 career nfl passes. >> this kid is in this league for a reason. he's waiting for a chance to play. just so happens it comes -- came a little bit last week. watched the film to see how he
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did. our coaches coached him in the senior -- the kid can make every throw. it's nice not to have to worry about mike running about. that will be to our advantage. it's not like he's a guy who can't throw the ball at all. like i said, we still got to execute. he's an nfl caliber quarterback. a little pepper i see in deangelo hall's beard there. getting a little gray. >> something happened. >> question for you. i'm thinking that ernie run feld must be in some trouble. >> they knew this was going to be a tough year. obviously, you don't have -- you don't win a game, i was in orlando when doc rivers was there. they fired doc rivers after an 0-10 start. he's one of the best coaches in the nba right now >> last year and the year before because of the building. >> they're still rebuilding. it looks like we're not building -- >> it's not progressing very well. you wonder how many games it
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will take for them to make a move. they knew it was going to be a tough year. >> preoccupied with the hockey. >> i don't think the owner is doing much these days. no hockey. maybe cheer for georgetown. maybe cheer for georgetown. >> t
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♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. finally tonight, unique skydive that made for quite a sight over the national naval medical center in bethesda. this was a first of its kind skydive by a group known as team fast track. they jumped on to the hospital
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grounds carrying six large, very large u.s. flags. two of the divers are double amputees, including army veteran dana bowman. he lost his legs in a midair collision, in fact. bowman tells us team fast track did this jump in honor of the veterans' day holiday this week. they did it, they said, to inspire wounded warriors. >> specht spec tack lore looking. good f
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes academy-award winner, helen hunt.
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